The Pit

January 25, 2018

What happens when you trap all of mankind in a pit? Co-founder Hannah Nasir takes a creative spin to her observation.




We're all in a pit looking up.


The clouds have parted to reveal the brightest of suns. Light shines down upon us and beats against our upturned faces.


Our hands reach for the sky, palms facing upwards.


We beg and pray for something out of reach: for transcendence. For belonging. For beauty. For success. For comfort.


Our wishes are met with silence.


So we stand there, hands outstretched, all of us, crying.


We cry until the light bleeds into darkness and the clouds clutter over our heads.


We cry as rain starts pouring down from the heavens, onto our outstretched hands and down to the rest of our bodies.


We cry as the rain soaks through the fabric of our clothes and absorbs into the soil beneath our feet.


We cry as the earth turns to mud and stains our new jeans and colourful skirts.


"We need more flowers in our pit!" says one of us here in the pit.


"We need more sunlight!" says another.


"We need more rain!"


As the screams rise in pitch and increase in absurdity, so do the people within the pit. They become restless. Angry.


They drop their hands from the sky and ball them into fists. They turn their heads down and glare at their neighbours. They become agitated as they eyeball one another and find reason to pick up arms.




Someone just landed the first hit.








One more.


Eventually, the whole pit goes into a frenzy. People are choking one another. People are ridiculing those that once stood beside them, praying for the same thing. People are tormenting one another, harming one another. Clothes rip off and suddenly people are raping one another.


As all this happens and the chaos escalates, the earth beneath the pit starts to shudder and break. 


In a single violent jerk, it opens itself up, devouring all the people in one go.




You asked for so many things, I gave you something better.


I got you out of the pit.



Note: Photo above by Julia Caesar on Unsplash





Hannah Nasir



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