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We are reaching out to you today because we recognise something extraordinary and unique about you. Whether it is your work for society, your passion for betterment, your vision for good, or simply the strength of your character, we are inspired by you and believe that you have what it takes to make a difference.

If saving the world sounds appealing to you, let Think-LAH! be your platform to rise to the occasion. Send us unsolicited essays, creative nonfiction, journalistic dispatches, short works of fiction, drawings, videos or even the poetry you’ve stored in the bottom of your drawer for so long— send us any material that you think resonates with Think-LAH!’s focus on making the world a better place.


There are two ways you can start:

1. by immediately submitting your contributions to us via email or Whatsapp and waiting for someone from our Think-LAH! team to respond; or
2. by reaching out to Think-LAH! via email or Whatsapp before preparing a submission.


We recommend going with option 2 if you are not confident enough with your work; are a first time writer; would like to learn more about Think-LAH! before deciding to commit, or simply require someone to bounce ideas off of for inspiration purposes.


When you are ready to contribute an idea to us, we will pass you our Think-LAH! Writing Guidelines and other materials to ensure you get the most out of your Think-LAH! experience. We are an ongoing initiative that welcomes as many pieces as you’re willing to give whenever you’re ready to give them — so keep ‘em coming!

Please send your inquiries and submissions to us via email, or Whatsapp at +6 017 980 7363 (Hannah).


If you think you know someone who’d be interested to speak to us, share this message with them and get them to reach out to the Think-LAH! team via email ( or Whatsapp at +6 017 980 7363 (Hannah).


The views and opinions attributable to the authors or contributors are not to be imputed to Think-LAH! The contents are intended for general information only. Think-LAH! only acts as a medium for you to share your thoughts and views. Think-LAH! reserves its rights to refuse publishing any materials we feel would incite hate or encourage conflict.

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